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Easy handling. Heavy duty. Comfort for users

Soft Handle 
The handle will not cramp your hands, and the soft material provides a comfortable feel.

Band Cover
Our 12-years date bands (guaranteed minimum of 11 years) have a protective cover, thus making it impossible for ink to contaminate your fingers when changing the dates.

Elegant Design
The metal frame structure leads to an elegant feeling of design that sets apart from the stereotpe.

Lock Button
The lock ensures easy operation for stamp makers, and for the users when changing ink pad and adjusting dates or numers.

Full Size Display Window
Full-size display window clearly show the actual impression of the stamp.

Solid Structure
The curved metal frame ensures durability for frequent use.the new silent device allows quieter and smoother movement.

The Essential Line and Heavy Duty also feature non-slipping feet that keep the stamp in place while making imprints.

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